Solenn Heussaff Talks About Her Tattoos

FHM’s March coverbabe Solenn Heussaff shared some tidbits about her tattoos and all its significance. Solenne said she has 6 tattoos but was actually poked 9 times. How? Well she added more tattoos to her previous ones. So they’re considered as 1 tattoo but was actually poked by the needed twice in two separate times. Get it?

PEP noticed that she and younger brother Erwan have the same cross tattoo. Erwan’s is on his inner right bicep.
Is the cross a family symbol or crest?
“That’s the Southern Cross. It’s a constellation of stars.”
“That helps the marines navigate south. The longest point sa south. If they get lost, they just follow the south.

“And my dad used to be a marine. And then when he was a marine, the first thing he could afford to buy was this cross that he bought for his little sister, a pendant. And his little sister gave it to my sister when she was born. And my dad had two made for me and my brother which we lost. So, we ended up tattooing it on our body,” related the French-Filipina celebrity.
If the cross represents her dad as a former marine, the rosary underneath reminds Solenn of her mother.

“Rosary from my mom. Because she’s very Catholic,” Solenn said.
Solenn is very proud to be a Catholic, too. She recently had a picture of the Virgin Mary tattooed on the left side of her body.
“I believe in her. She’s serenity. Like, for me, she’s the female of all females. Just for me, it’s all about the Faith, and my faith in her also,” Solenn explained.
The other designs on her body represent what she once wanted to be.
She elaborated, “I wanted to be a marine biologist before, so, I studied diving, and then saw all the different types of fish. I have four cards in diving, from a master divers’ school. So, what it [tattoo] means is, whatever happens in the ocean is magical. I had it done when I was in Tahiti for my birthday.”

Solenn considers tattoos an art, and she happens to be a talented artist herself so that’s why she appreciates them as long as they mean something. Interestingly enough, Solenn advised people not to get tattoos coz it can get addictive and you’ll keep wanting more. I AGREE, haha. From my own experience, I was scared at first but after I got my first tattoo, I got my second 3 months after. I’ll get my 3rd one before 2011 ends, *TeeHee*