Solenn Heussaff recalls past with Derek Ramsay


Before model and singer Solenn Heussaff makes her showbiz splash official, she had long been a beautiful face who had the business and its complexities knocking on her door. Before Angelica Panganiban, Derek Ramsay fell for Heussaff and they were deep in love for four long years.

“He was my first boyfriend. We were together for four years. He broke up with me,” Heussaff, who can no longer deny the loud bang showbiz is making at her door, said to Bulletin Entertainment in a recent interview.

Heussaff, who is perhaps best known as one of the semi-regulars in “Party Pilipinas,” joined the talent stable of Leo Dominguez (who also manages Ogie Alcasid and Lovi Poe) a few days back when she signed a management contract. Expect this stunner to trade the fashion spreads and billboards for a more mainstream exposure.

Half-Filipino, half-French, Heussaff still has no qualms answering intriguing questions from her past and present. She revealed having met Angelica Panganiban recently and thought she was very polite. Of the chance encounter with her ex-boyfriend’s current squeeze, she said, “She was nice. I thought she was very sweet. And I don’t think she was just putting all that up. She seemed very sincere.”

Heussaff, who used to work as a makeup artist, shared how she would like to do Angelica’s makeup because “she has such a beautiful and angelic face.”

When the questions got hotter, Heussaff was asked what she thought about Angelica’s rift with Gretchen Barretto, who overdid publicity for her soap by being a bit too flirty with Derek. “Gretchen is playing with fire,” Heussaff said sharply. “Like what I said, Angelica seems to be a nice girl. I’m happy for her and Derek. I’m also happy with my life now.”

However, she maintained closeness to Derek’s family even after they’ve broken up. “We were on for four years and I became very close to his family. Four of his pamangkins, ako ninang and one of them is also called Solenn.”

The relationship ended because they “grew apart.” “I studied fashion design in Paris for four years so it was mostly a long-distance relationship. I had another boyfriend, Irish-Filipino, after him, pero break na rin kami. I’m single now but dating.”

Anti-love song
Hate is such a strong word but Heussaff doesn’t mind using it to express her distaste for love songs. “I hate love songs. When I get to do music it will be about jazz. I love Norah Jones so basically I like the kind of songs she does.”

Heussaff, who writes her own songs, is not big on revivals but she would want to do her own version of Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak.” She said, “I just wanna do singing. Ita-try ko ang acting, but I’m horrible in acting. I’m just being honest. Acting is never my dream.”

When asked how come she just decided to give showbiz a solid crack now, she candidly replied, “There were offers but I’m not ready. Now, I’m more mature and more confident of myself. I want to concentrate on singing because my Tagalog is not that good.”

Born to a former Bayanihan dancer and French father, Heussaff is the second of three siblings. Her younger brother Erwan, a chef who also sings well, is said to be Anne Curtis’s current boyfriend. Of Anne, she said, “Anne is my best friend and if I were a man, I’d also fall in love with her.”