Solenn Heussaff Photos and What makes her Hot

By twentyfive

Solenn Heussaff, the newest sizzling model everyone is obsessing about. See what makes her so hot in the 10 things you must know about Solenn Heussaff. I’ve compiled the sizzling sexy photos of Solenn Heussaff in this hub, too. So stay here and stare all you want.

Does Solenn even know how pretty she is?
I would admit, I’m also crushing on beautiful Solenn. I see a simplicity and innocence from the godly- like aura even though she’s so much beautiful. Like wherever she goes, her feet stay on the ground, yup yup she wouldn’t brag about having that drop dead gorgeous face and body everyone is fantasizing. Now that everyone has gazed that stunning face, in billboards, in magazines and TV, Solenn Heussaff’s star has started shining brightly like it has never done before.

All about Solenn Heussaff
So I’ve heard Solenn could eat sinigang everyday, at least the half French, half Filipina would choose our famous dish over a French soup. Solenn is a print ad and commercial model, makeup artist and is one among the castaways in the Survivor Philippines this year. The ten things you should know about Solenn are listed below so read on.

Solenn Heusaff Quotes:
“Trust yourself and yourself alone.”

10 things you must know about Solenn Heussaff
  1. Solenn’s name comes from Selena, meaning goddess of the moon.
  2. Solenn had a three and a half year relationship with hottie Derek Ramsay.
  3. Her brother Erwan used to date Anne Curtis who’s an ex of Richard Gutierrez who’s being linked to Solenn.
  4.  Solenn is not just a pretty face. She’s very much inclined to the arts. She’s actually an assistant designer for Tan Gan Limited Edition, giant fashion retail here, and a professional makeup artist who studied in Paris. Before her limelight in showbiz, Solenn was doing a brilliant job already in fashion magazines and design. In her spare time, her creativity is indulged in painting.
  5. Bad boys and shaved heads turn her on.
  6. Solenn has a mantra tattooed on her rib written in French. “If I fall, I will rise again.”
  7. She body-painted the controversial Joey Mead (shot wearing only body paints) for the Rogue magazine’s cover.
  8. Solenn appeared in this Coffee Mate commercial.
  9. Solenn appeared in this Pop Cola commercial.
  10. She’s an endorser of Penshoppe, a famous brand here.